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11 February 2014

Watch a 7,000hp engine explode

Funny Car driver Ron Capps drives a ball of flames at 490kph. And it looks terrifying
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When you're driving 7,000bhp worth of funny car in the National Hot Rod Association's 300-mph class (483kph), you probably have quite a lot on your mind. Chiefly, the driving of a 7,000bhp 300mph funny car. Less chiefly, how the hell you're going to stay shiny side up if the engine explodes.

But despite this tricky multi-tasking challenge, 48-year-old drag racer, Ron Capps, managed to pilot his Dodge Charger R/T (well it wasn't going to be an SE) at 490.32kph in a ball of flames AND post a 4.014-second time after his engine exploded.

Capps described his firey accomplishment as "all dark, then you're [driving] a convertible." Unbelievably, he walked away unharmed from the explosion, which happened this weekend at the Auto Club Raceway in California.

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