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08 May 2013

Watch a 750bhp RX-7 drift in NZ

‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett screeches along highest paved roadway in New Zealand…

Vijay Pattni
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‘Mad' Mike Whiddett isn't really mad, though judging by the video below, you'd be correct in assuming some parts of his anatomy are hewn from rock. He's just released a little video detailing his run along the highest paved roadway in New Zealand, and it's quite something.

The Red Bull driver took his highly modified and combustible 750bhp Mazda RX-7 - a veritable heavyweight champion in the drifting fraternity - and proceeded to tackle this 10.4km road with considerable aplomb. You're talking 47 corners, 1,076m elevation, and lots and lots of sideways action.

We're told the road - which runs between Queenstown and Wanaka - first dates back to the early gold rush days, and is "one of the most demanding technical drives of the country". It certainly carries with it the propensity for a slidey accident, especially when Mad Mike hits 232kph along the Crown Terrace.

"I think drifters have an innate ability to slip from reality when driving up a road like the Crown Range in normal circumstances," says Mad Mike. "For me, having the opportunity to get behind the wheel of my machine, push it to the limit and conquer the Crown is a dream turned into a reality."

Have a watch below. Anyone in the TopGear.commosphere driven this road?

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