Watch a Ferrari Enzo go rallying

Posted by rowan at 17:55 pm on Tuesday February 12, 2013

A few weeks ago, James and his rally buddy Kris Meeke took a Bentley Continental GT Speed rallying.

A Rs 2 crore+, 'two plus two' grand touring coupé getting incredibly sideways and airborne while being absolutely caned around Wales was purely for your entertainment. But it could have been more than that. After seeing this video on the Tubes of You, there could be potential for a super exclusive, very expensive rally series.

Click play to see something you've never seen before. It's a 650bhp, blimmin' expensive and blimmin' rare Ferrari Enzo rallying around a farmer's field. The guys behind it are the same people that created the viral Rolls Royce Phantom drifting/ploughing video. And since then they've raised the stakes. However, we've seen what happens when low friction is added to a Ferrari Enzo... and it adds up to tears - so be careful chaps.

So what other supercar would like to see get a bit mucky and sideways, dot commers?

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