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04 December 2013

Watch a Ferrari F50 drifting in slow-mo

The TaxTheRich loons are back, sliding Ferrari's V12 supercar round a farm in glorious slow-motion

Rowan Horncastle
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Good news! We've just received an email from our favourite anonymous supercar hoons, TaxTheRich.

They've been in touch because they have a new video. If you're expecting a Rolls-Royce Phantom pirouetting around a muddy field, or even a 288 GTO pretending it's a Group B rally car, you're out of luck. Because this time TTR are keeping it simple.

But that doesn't mean this video is any less awesome. With the help of a Ferrari F50 (which keen viewers will recognise from the burnout tug of war video) and a new high-speed camera, they've made a short video that makes loss of traction look oh-so beautiful.

Hit play to see the 90s supercar put its 513bhp, F1-derived engine to good use by lighting the rear wheels in high-speed, HD greatness. And, if you wait to the end, you'll see the benefits of ABS, too. Informative and entertaining: that's how we like things round here.

Italian V12 supercars doing smokey donuts, in slow motion and to the sound of dubstep, what more do TaxTheRich have to do to win the internet? Unless they can find a way to drift an Enzo through Susan Boyle's BGT audition, in one cup, that is.

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