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14 July 2014

Watch a man jump over a speeding Lamborghini

‘Al the jumper’ leaps over an 130kph Gallardo. Just because he can. Wow

Vijay Pattni
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Al is a man. A fleshy, squishy human. The Lamborghini Gallardo is not a man, but a very fast, very heavy machine. Al the squishy, fleshy man enjoys jumping over the very fast, very heavy Lamborghini.

Why? Because he can. And because he is not wired up like ordinary, fleshy, squishy humans.

Have a watch of the video above. Al tells us he visualizes the jump in his head; if the car is travelling at 90kph, he jumps when it's four metres in front of him. When the car gets faster, he, um, jumps earlier.

Al the Jumper prepares meticulously for his jumps in the gym, doing exercises that makes Top Gear a little bit squeamish. His ultimate goal? To jump over two cars, because ‘no one has done it, and no one has the idea. I will write myself into the history books as the craziest jumper of all time.'

No arguments from us, Al.

A brief history of the Lamborghini Gallardo

*Obviously, Al's stunt is really dangerous, so please do not try this yourself. Ever.


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