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09 August 2011

Watch a V8 Transit van go drifting

Video: hoonigan gets rather smoky in world’s unlikeliest instrument of oversteer

Gagan Gupta
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We are almost three per cent certain this video of a Transit van will put a smile across your miserable, Monday-blues chops.

It is no ordinary van; the orange and black livery should tell you that much at least. No, this is no ordinary van because underneath that striking exterior sits a V8. And not just an ordinary V8: a loud V8.

Having performed some rudimentary research using TopGear's shoddy and 1990s-spec Internet, the Ford Transit ‘Drift Bus' uses an engine from an old BMW M5, a six-speed sequential ZF gearbox, runs on Bilstein suspension and sends drive to the rear wheels.

Now, something magical happens when the V8's power overwhelms the rear tyres. Something slidey. Something smoky. Obviously, nothing will ever beat Hammond's XJ220-engined Transit, but hey, it's a van.



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