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10 January 2013

Watch Arnie crush a Mercedes estate

...using his tank. TANK. The Governator shows a Benz who's boss

Vijay Pattni
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If you're fond of the W123 Mercedes Benz estate, and we suspect there may be a fair few of you, it might be wise to look away now.

Because Arnold Schwarzenegger is Back. That's right, a capital B. For reasons we're not entirely clear of but quite probably related to his new film, Arnie displayed exactly why he was fit to take on the Predator.

He hopped into his personal M47 Patton tank, sneaked up upon the poor, poor unsuspecting Mercedes, and gave it a pithy one-liner. Something like, "it's turbo time", or indeed, "one of us is in deep trouble." In fact, anything said in an Arnie accent becomes a pithy one-liner.

Then, one-liner dispatched, he crushes the W123. Steamrollers over it like Sindelfingen Smash. Some people in the audience clap and holler. Lots of people in the Internet cry and spurt out Mercedes model codes.

Have a watch of the video below. His new film, The Last Stand, pops out later this month. Was it worth the death of one classic Mercedes? Only time will tell... We do think the Governator could have found other candidates ripe for crushing, though. Suggestions below please.

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