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18 March 2014

Watch Arnie crush things in his tank

Nothing can stand in the way of Schwarzenegger's own personal military machine

Vijay Pattni
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As he told us last year, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a tank. A TANK. His own personal military machine. In this new video he's just released, you can watch him crush stuff in his tank.

Simple premise, perfectly executed. He crushes a taxi. He crushes a piano. He crushes a barbell with many weights stacked on it. A table full of birthday cakes. You get the idea. Why? Because he's Arnold Schwarzenegger, that's why.

Though the idea did come about from Reddit, specifically from a gentleman with a username we shall not republish here. The video is also promoting a charity called After School All Stars which provides free, year-round things for kids to do after school.

And then there's the opportunity to actually ride shotgun with Arnold in his tank, which is an opportunity you should not pass up. Unless you don't like tanks, that is.

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