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23 April 2014

Watch Ken Block take on a footballer

It’s the latest in Block’s Gymkhana series, released ahead of something called a ‘world cup’

Vijay Pattni
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There's some kind of footballist sporting event taking place this summer, and, judging by Ken Block's new Gymkhana film ‘Footkhana', it will take place in a car park of some sort.

We may be wrong, but one thing's for sure: this is the latest instalment of Ken vs car as Mr Block mines new depths of tyre degradation. Here, he straps up into his Fiesta rally car and takes on Brazilian footballist Neymar Jr "in a series of breath-taking manoeuvres" (their words, not ours).

So it's a man with two feet against a man with two feet and a 600bhp, all-wheel drive Ford rally-thing. Brazilian world-cup winner Cafu is also on hand to watch the carnage.

Which begs the question: exactly how many footballers did Ken Block kill during the making of this video? And where does it rank in the pantheon of Gymkhana videos?

We're not quite sure it's up there with San Francisco, but in truth we'll never get bored with watching Ken doing smoky donuts and endangering the lives of bystanders...


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