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23 June 2015

Watch: Monster truck’s incredible double back flip

At the fourth time of asking, Tom Meents Monster Jam truck goes head over heels. Twice

Vijay Pattni
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Tom Meents is an 11-time Monster Jam World Finals Champion. Last weekend at the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, he performed a feat that has eluded him three times previously.

He made his ‘Max-D' monster truck perform a double backflip. We know this to be true, because we have seen the incredible video. It is above. You must watch it immediately, because there is fire, jumping, screaming, and MONSTER TRUCK BACKFLIPS.

"That was awesome, man," an ebullient Meents said after Max-D landed on all four tyres (taking some, um, significant suspension damage, too). We couldn't agree more, Tom. Watch. Rewind. Repeat.

Because Monster Truck.


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