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18 March 2013

Watch the G63 6x6 destroy the desert

We didn’t think that Merc's G-Wagen could get any cooler. But it has

Rowan Horncastle
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Earlier this week we drove the new G63 AMG (again), and now we'll have to drive another one. Why? Because, unbelievably, Mercedes have made it even cooler. How? By adding more wheels and axles and making it Armageddon-proof.

Say hello to the 3.7-tonne G63 AMG 6x6. And before you cast this off as a fancy showpiece like the ‘Ener-G-Force', it isn't. It's road-legal and going into small-series production (20/30 units a year) and a giant slab of Grade A awesomeness.

Power's sourced from AMG's 536bhp, 5.5-litre bi-turbo V8 engine and goes to all six wheels via a seven-speed automatic box. With that power and its low-range ratios, five differential locks, portal axles, 2.3 metre ground clearance and 37-inch tyres with an air pressure control system, this thing looks like it can go pretty much wherever it wants. As demonstrated in the video below.

We don't have any performance figures and we're not expecting a decent Nurburgring time. But who needs to go round the Nurburgring when you can just go through it?

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