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24 December 2013

Watch the Lambo Huracan make donuts in a parking lot

Here's footage of the latest little bull running riot through a parking lot full of other Lambos

Amaan Ahmed
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The Lamborghini Huracan is no longer a mystery to the world. Lamborghini revealed it in all its canary yellow-hued glory last week, but for true-blue fans, how good are a handful of studio pictures?

Well, now that you've seen it in the few pictures that have appeared, Lamborghini has now ensured that you can watch (and hear) the Huracan do its thing, too, by releasing the fourth and the last instalment of the 'Project Hexagon' webisode series.

The sequence of short videos on YouTube showed three British youngsters breaking into Lambo's HQ in Sant'Agata, desperate to see what would replace the Gallardo - and in this episode, they do find the car, take the covers off it, and fool around with it a bit.

That's not what's interesting, though. What's interesting, is what follows post 1:52. The Huracan bursts into life, the 5.2-litre V10 singing merrily as it rips through the heart of Lambo's plant, exhaust spewing blue flames on the overrun.

It's taken to a parking lot (which is full of other Lambos), where it serves up a nice little helping of donuts, thick smoke pouring out of the back wheels as over 600 horsepowers are let loose in the middle of the Bolognese night.

Do yourself a favour - play the video below, skip to 1:52, turn up the volume and enjoy the Huracan being hooned up till about 3:00. The Brit intruders are accosted soon after, and you don't really want to see that.

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