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25 May 2012

Watch the McLaren MP4 in the desert

It’s glorious outside, so here’s some footage of the McSupercar in the sun

Vijay Pattni
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Fact 1: The following video is an feature made by McLaren to celebrate the opening of their new showroom in Abu Dhabi.

Fact 2: Abu Dhabi is in the desert and hosts a GP at the Yas Marina circuit.

Fact 3: An orange McLaren MP4-12C looks awesome in the desert and at the Yas Marina Circuit.

Says Mark Harrison from McLaren: "We wanted to produce this video to highlight our presence across the Middle East and reaffirm our commitment to establishing our brand in the region." And it's quite a region; don't forget, a few years ago it was named the richest city in the world - a fitting locale for McLaren's newest plaything.

The film itself was shot in just six days using RED camera technology that features a resolution four times higher than that of traditional high def. And it shows.

Unfortunately for McLaren, no amount of video footage can attest to the sheer accessible speed of the MP4-12C. It's fast. Like, really fast. We know, not least because a certain Lewis Hamilton took us out in one for a little spin...


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