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23 June 2011

Watch the new BMW M5 in action

Video: First chance to hear Munich’s twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 sing in new footage…

Vijay Pattni
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Since there's not much else to write about the new M5 until we drive it, here are a few facts you can bore Internet forums with.

Fact 1: The two turbochargers have been squeezed into the ‘V' shape between the cylinder banks for compact construction.

Fact 2: BMW's cross-bank exhaust manifold has an identical pipe length to ensure gas flows at an even rhythm meaning a consistent level of pressure acting on the turbochargers.

Fact 3: The turbochargers have been developed specifically for this engine and deliver a maximum pressure of 1.5 bar.

BMW hasn't, unfortunately, provided details of grolling the main clasp or indeed, the oiliness of the baboon unit, but we are told the aforementioned cross-bank manifold and exhaust layout helps deliver a ‘multilayered collage of sound'.

You can judge for yourself (kind of) via this new video of the M5 in motion. There is the faintest gargle of a V8 coupled to a trademark BMW ‘M' rasp. Can you really wait until November? Can you find £74k in four months? How will you occupy your days?



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