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29 November 2013

Watch the world’s slowest rally crash

Opel Ascona fails to go quickly, still manages to bring down a brick building

Vijay Pattni
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The title of the video above is a bit misleading, because ‘Big Rally Crash Car Into Building' implies a tricked out rally monster crashing headfirst at supersonic speeds. The title also needs a bit of punctuation.

What actually transpires is a slow, weavy and tragicomic run into a building made of really quite a lot of bricks in an old Opel Ascona; an Ascona that manages to actually cause a massive accident.

Thankfully, nobody was injured as a result of this ‘Big Rally Crash Car Into Building', though the chap at 1m 04s who decides to kick the offending bricks away may have bruised his toes. Tough business, rally driving.

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