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13 December 2013

Watch this dyno tyre blowout at 359kph

Video: witness a 540bhp modified Golf get explodey. This is why you don't fit stretched tyres, kids

Matthew Jones
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You may have noticed, among those of a 'modding' persuasion, a trend of over-stretching tyres onto wide rims. We're not entirely sure why it happens, but we understand it's aesthetic. Because if you attempt to coax any sort of performance out of a stretched tyre, things get... explodey.

As demonstrated by this short public safety film. It shows a MkIII VW Golf with a turbocharged 540bhp VR6 engine hitting 359kph on a rolling road. As it does, one of the stretched tyres promptly explodes, causing the dyno belts to snap, and what looks like a fair bit of damage to DEM WIKKID RIMZ. This is why Veyron rubber fits properly, kids.

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