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07 September 2013

WCC builds Grand Theft Auto car

'Banshee' from ground-breaking videogame built as a one-off. Yup, it's real…

Vijay Pattni
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The videogame community has long been regarded as the base for mankind's problems - everything from the global economic crisis to things that predate even Mario. Like the Black Death (yeah, go figure). Every once in a while though, they inspire greatness. Like this.

Ladies and gentlemen of the web, may we present to you a real-life, actual, moving-parts ‘Bravado Banshee' from Grand Theft Auto. Yes, it's the Viper-inspired sportscar that millions of gamers across the globe will have crashed into a building during an ill-fated getaway run.

It's been built by West Coast Customs (they of the ‘yo dawg' fraternity) to celebrate the highly anticipated upcoming launch of Grand Theft Auto V, and is a complete one-off showpiece.

We're told ‘state of the art' fabrication techniques were used to create moulds for the exterior panels, which were cut and machined piece-by-piece, laid out by hand and bolted together to faithfully recreate its digital source.

The interior was also handcrafted and stitched, with ‘Banshee' embroidery on the seats, while the dash, door panels and centre console were finished with carbon inlays. And this being West Coast Customs, there's also a ‘multi-speaker' premium sound system. The whole thing was then finished in the metallic blue with white stripe seen in the game.

There's no word on its running gear, but seeing as the Banshee most closely matches the Viper, is secretly hoping the new 8.4-litre V10 from the current gen and its 640bhp has found a home underneath. Though this is quite unlikely, plus there's a ‘twin-turbo' badge on the front wing, so it's probably an earlier gen SRT with many, many horses, RWD and the propensity to chuckle derisively at your enthusiastic corner entry speeds...

Gamestop is even giving the Banshee away as promotion for GTA V, so you could be in with a shout of winning it. You have to admit, this is quite cool...

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