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03 May 2012

Will Power is Castrol Edge Performer of the month

Indycar racer pips Vettel and Rosberg for the month of April

Amaan Ahmed
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Will Power, the racer from the IndyCar series, laid claim to the Castrol Edge Performer of the Month Award for the month of April, beating both Sebastien Vettel and Nico Rosberg to it, albeit by a very negligible margin (with Rosberg and Vettel scoring within  5% of Power's overall score).

It was Power, however, who looked set to take home the award home all along. After a successful month of April, where he registered his first win in Barber, Alabama, followed by a victory at Long Beach a fortnight later and rounded things off nicely with his third straight triumph at Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Not only was this a hat-trick of victories for Power at the Brazilian track, but also a performance staggering enough to outshine the likes of Vettel and Rosberg, and at the same time, secure the Castrol Edge Performer of the Month Award for April.

For those of you still scratching your head as to why IndyCar is being mentioned in the same breath as Formula One, The Castrol Edge Rankings for motorsport is a system that monitors a driver’s performances over a period of one year – in order to compare some of the best drivers from all over the world, hailing from different racing series' like F1, NASCAR, World Rally and IndyCar.

Will either of Sebastien Vettel or Nico Rosberg over-take Will Power in the month of May? The handy space below awaits you, TopGear.communists.

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