The recession did them in. But their new line of cars like the Beat and the Cruze have shown that General Motors have learnt from their mistakes and aren't repeating them. Need to get rid of dead wood like the U-VA and Aveo soon.

  • Beat

    Another smart new Chevy design. Tries hard to play city car and highway cruiser roles. Succeeds reasonably

  • Captiva

    At long last, Chevy is adding new cars to Daewoo knock-offs. This seven seat SUV isn't a bad effort either.

  • Cruze

    This car can leave wet spot marks on the trousers of the Corolla

  • Enjoy

    A practical, budget MPV that's sourced from China, but perfected for India

  • Sail

    Pocket-friendly pricing, neat styling and a good ride. Should put Chevrolet back into the entry-sedan game

  • Sail Hatchback

    It's a no-nonsense car in a country with way better no-nonsense cars

  • Spark

    Cute, cheap runabout, but with the Beat around, the only reason GM's persisting with the Spark is for the LPG version

  • Tavera Neo 3

    Simple, spacious, easy to drive and efficient, but the quality's dodgy. And it's painfully old.