Represented by official dealers, the Italian superbike maker is still finding their feet in India despite their legendary status.

  • Hypermotard

    Perfect bike for Indian roads. Also played the role of motor terminator in Terminator Salvation.

  • Monster

    Italian flavour among crowded Japanese bikes. Monster 696 is the budget bike in the Ducati range. If you can call it budget at 10 lakh.

  • Multistrada

    A tourer, cruiser and sportsbike all rolled into one.

  • Scrambler

    The Scrambler is a significant departure from your regular Ducatis. In fact, Ducati calls the Scrambler a sub-brand of sorts.

  • Street Fighter

    Possibly the best looking bike in the country that money can buy.

  • Super Bike

    The 1098R sits on top of the food chain. Has no neutral rivals in this price bracket, unless you have cars in mind.