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Comparo: TVS Apache RTR 160 4v vs Suzuki Gixxer ABS

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The Suzuki Gixxer was the go-to motorcycle if you wanted a sporty commuter that you could take out on to the highway. The new Apache RTR 160 may change that

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A huge highlight of the Apache is the way it is sprung to deal with our roads. It absorbs minor undulations without upsetting the chassis and is capable of ironing out bigger bumps as well. This is something that I noticed the first time I got on to this Apache (which also happens to be our long-term test bike). The Gixxer, in contrast, is slightly more stiffly sprung. And while this should logically translate to the Gixxer being a better handler, this is not so.

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The Suzuki Gixxer remains a brilliant motorcycle. It makes a strong case for itself, with the inclusion of ABS in the package making it a really compelling option. It remains a very enticing package – a combination of friendly and fast while carrying of enough swagger to remain appealing. However, the Apache does it for me by a small margin. Sure, it lacks the surefootedness of the Gixxer, but it is the more exciting motorcycle and its attitude on the go matches its aggressive lines at standstill. The lack of ABS is a huge miss, which does tip the scales in the favour of the Gixxer, but the Apache delivers thrills that the Gixxer simply cannot. 

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