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TVS Jupiter: Scooter of the Year

The everyday family scooter that ran rings around the competition this year

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Yes, you may argue the Jupiter isn’t an all-new scooter, based as it is on the Wego (which was launched in 2011) platform, with which it shares the engine. But the Jupiter is Scooter of the Year because of its functionality and user-friendliness.

This TVS effortlessly does everything you expect from a scooter, whether it’s a brisk shopping run or just an easy cruise around town. It feels light and agile in the city, and the 110cc engine’s 7.8bhp and 8Nm are delivered the smoothest and most refined we’ve seen in any scooter launched this year. Its soft seat does well to accommodate derrières of all shapes and sizes and the riding stance encourages long rides.

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Clearly, a fair bit of thought has gone into this bike, evident in the little things. Like the Econometer, which is a set of two lights – green when you’re riding in eco mode, orange in power mode. Then there’s the external fuel filler cap that doesn’t require you and your pillion to dismount when you need to top up the five-litre fuel tank. And the high-low beam, which  has an integrated pass-light.

And the retractable hooks for shopping bags. We managed to get 42.1kpl, which is good for an automatic scooter. The Jupiter is a neat-looking, fuss-free, functional, frugal scooter that’s really enjoyable to ride. Congratulations TVS.

And we have a winner.

(Words: Christopher Chaves, Photos: Rajeev Gaikwad)

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