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Discounted December: The best year-end deals

We go deal-hunting as the most fruitful period of the year for bargainers approaches

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Fiat showrooms are a dull place to be, but Fiat is trying to get as many cars as it can off its showroom floors. The Punto petrol and diesel carry benefits of upto Rs 26,000 and Rs 24,000 respectively, which include free insurance and corporate discount. The same is the case with the (literally) slow-moving Linea, the diesel version of which gets benefits of upto Rs 35,000 with free insurance and corporate discount.

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Honda showrooms are sure to witness more footfalls once the Amaze is launched, but right now, the going is tough. The Civic has met its end, and dealers with leftover stock are willing to trim anywhere between Rs 80,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh off the price tag, depending on how desperate they are to get rid of it.

The bigger Accord sees a massive Rs 2 lakh cash discount across all variants, while the smaller City gets a Rs 20,000 discount and the little Brio carries free insurance and a gift cheque amounting to Rs 20,000. The Jazz and CR-V are mostly out of stock but if you do manage to find a dealer with either of them in stock, you can certainly haggle hard and get substantial discounts.

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The folk at Mercedes-Benz are jolly nice. They will readily tell you about the year-end discounts on offer, and what mouth-watering offers they are. Starting with the C-Class - a straight Rs 2 lakh cash discount on both petrol as well as diesel versions, plus a special interest rate of 1% in case you take a loan.

Also, the new E-Class has been revealed, and should be here sometime soon. Just to make sure it has enough space to accommodate the new units, Merc is also offering Rs 1.5 lakh off on the diesel variants of the E-Class, and shaving off a considerable Rs 2.5 lakh off the petrol variants. Considering the fact that the current E-Class is no disappointment, the discount really should help potential customers make up their mind.

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The Tata Aria, a sluggish sales performer, has filled up dealer inventories and thus, is being offered with a substantial Rs 1 lakh cash discount on all trims, along with a Rs 50,000 exchange bonus, which brings the total benefit up to Rs 1.5 lakh. This will put the base Pure 4x2 variant on a more even footing with the Toyota Innova, which will probably never carry any discounts throughout its life-cycle.

The Indica eV2, Vista, Indigo eCS, Manza and Sumo Grande all come with a cash discount of Rs 20,000 on all variants, and if you come across the old Safari at a dealership, you could extract a discount ranging anywhere between Rs 60,000 to Rs 1 lakh on it.

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