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Do anything you want. With the ISUZU mu-X, you actually do

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Its macho design, imposing presence and solid reliability make style effortless. On a day trip out to Pawana Lake, a picturesque local tourist attraction, just about 100km from Mumbai, the ISUZU mu-X exhibited its wide range of abilities. Three rows of seats can comfortably hold a family of seven, without anyone fighting for shoulder or leg room.

All the little bric-a-bracs for a day picnic, flasks, ice boxes, toys for the kids can fit in, even with the last row up. And if it’s luggage that you’re focused on, just fold down the last row to get a massive 878 litres of space. And it’s not just the space that’ll enthrall you, everything from the fit-finish to the touchscreen infotainment system looks and feels premium.

You’d be ensconced in luxury at all times, whether in the chaotic confines of the city or on a lonely road in the country as you venture out to explore new territories. Speaking of exploring, that’s one thing you can do to your heart’s content. There are no limits to the possibilities when you’re in the ISUZU mu-X.

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The ‘shift-on-the-fly’ Terrain Command control lets you switch between not just two- and four-wheel drive but also allows you to choose between high and low range four-wheel drive, depending on gradient and terrain. So, whether you’re cruising around town, belting it down the highway or taking your family out to a special place, off the beaten path of all the other tourists, the ISUZU mu-X will not just get you there, it’ll do so with remarkable ease.

And why wouldn’t it be easy with the legendary capabilities of a carmaker that gave Japan its first passenger vehicle a century ago? Power and torque flow in abundance from the 3.0-litre diesel, 175 horses and 380Nm to be precise, and the tank-like build will make you unstoppable in any situation. But wait, all this talk of performance, luxury and top-notch engineering might have you thinking this is going to be hard on your pocket. No such worries with the ISUZU mu-X. The 65-litre tank and 13.8kpl economy ensure your trips to the fuel pump are about as frequent as your neighbour’s, in his hatchback.

This is testament to the company’s legacy -- quality achieved through a solid foundation built on experience. And that, in the end, is where the ISUZU mu-X’s magic lies. Checking all the right boxes and doing it in style. An all-rounder for the entire family.

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Mr Jaisal, Kerala

Being a family man, my decisions have to be well thought-out and should be compelling to my family as well. Recently, we were on a search for a bigger car – an SUV – which not only fulfills my thirst for adventure trips, but also provides the right amount of safety, space and comfort to my family. Well, that search ended with me behind the wheel of the ISUZU mu-X. I can recall one of the recent long trips I went on with the entire family (seven of us) including a couple of elderly people as well. We were driving through Munnar, Kerala, and encountered narrow roads, undulating terrain and it was raining too. But I felt very safe and secure with my family, the ISUZU mu-X doing its job perfectly without a compromise, thanks to its capable shift-on-fly 4WD system. Not just that, I even managed to clock 15kpl on one of the stretches. My family and my kids were so pleased with the drive that they keep coming back to me for more such drives. My decision was right, indeed!

Dr Rakesh, Bhimavaram

I am an orthopedic surgeon by profession and a traveller by passion. Being a doctor, I mostly drive on holidays. Sometimes alone and at other times with family. I got my ISUZU mu-X on June 20th and have already done quite a bit of long-distance driving, even through the most challenging patches. I’ve driven on smooth highways, bad roads, no roads, and have even done a bit of off-roading which required engaging the vehicle on 4L mode. The ISUZU mu-X got all the basics right with fantastic ride comfort. The 3.0-litre turbo diesel is a torque monster and I love the way it roars. Every day that I drive the ISUZU mu-X, I grow to love it more. Good roads, bad roads or no roads... I have my ISUZU mu-X!

Mr Rajeev Pandey, Delhi

This is no pseudo SUV (like other five-seaters), this is the real deal with a roar and solid road presence. When I drive it, it draws a lot of attention. People mostly gape at it when on the move and sometimes when I’ve stopped, say at a fuel pump, some even come up to me and ask, “What is this beast?” I have even been requested to stop so somebody could check out the interiors. I am loving all the attention. No other SUV in the market can match its capability, I just can’t get enough with this machine. The ISUZU mu-X is the real steel for the unreal road.

Mr Shashank Joshi, Pune

After selling my Innova, I was on the lookout for an upgrade and most importantly, a seven-seater vehicle that is premium and at the same time, practical. While I was scouting for options, I heard about the launch of the ISUZU mu-X and was quite keen to get my hands on the vehicle. Being a businessman, dealing with auto components, I was very sure of ISUZU’s product capabilities and performance world over. I finally zeroed in on the mu-X over other products in the segment. In fact, this is exactly the vehicle that I was looking for. Be it the engine performance, comfort and safety, fuel efficiency and its 4WD capability, it exceeded my expectations across all these parameters. To top it all, I was excited about the price tag which fit my budget. I am proud to say that I am the first ISUZU mu-X customer in Pune and it makes people in the city turn their head every time I drive past them. The ISUZU mu-X is the real deal for customers like me.

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Family holiday. Words that would light up the world for all of us. Who doesn’t like to get away from their hectic work schedules and crowded city streets to a fun, relaxed time spent with our loved ones? But it isn’t that easy, is it? To start with, you have to make plans, which importantly, accommodate everyone and in comfort. Then, you have to check feasibility of those plans. What is possible, what is not. What would be comfortable, what would not. There are several things to be taken care of, many considerations to be made.

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But what if you didn’t have to worry about most of those things? What if accommodating everyone was something you could take for granted? What if deciding on a destination was simply about opening a map and choosing one? Sounds too good to be true? Not really. Welcome to the world of Isuzu. The latest innovation from the Japanese auto giant is the ISUZU mu-X. A stylish, seven-seater SUV crafted with as much heart as muscle. Want to tower over the entire street? Want to take the entire family and their luggage for a weekend getaway? Want to arrive in the grandest possible way? The ISUZU mu-X will show you the way.

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