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Hammond drives the icons: Focus RS

“Use it every day as a donkey, and it carries the potential for track-day hilarity”

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Surprise is an oddly slippery concept for the most part. Sometimes, things surprise us by differing massively from our expectations. More rarely, they ambush us by being exactly what we expect. Dropping into this Focus RS - the only turbo petrol-engined Focus of the first generation - I expected to find a hot hatch that felt truly hot, in the old-school hot-hatch sense of hot. And does it ever deliver on that.

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Sat motionless and sitting low to the ground, it felt like my feet were jammed dead centre between the front wheels. After a bare metre or two of travel, it was apparent that here was a proper old-school, seat-of-your-pants, genuinely hot, hot hatch. I was surprised. In a good way.

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