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Exploring seven wonders of Mumbai and the Ameo

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Over the years, the number of people travelling to Mumbai has grown substantially, but it’s more than just job opportunities that draw people to this great city. There are a number of iconic landmarks in the city that define the very character of Mumbai. Some of these landmarks are iconic structures which pay homage to not only the city, but the entire nation’s illustrious past, while some are breathtaking modern marvels that were constructed with the sole intention of brightening the future of the city with a touch of leisure. All of these landmarks are in some way tied to the city’s diverse culture, rich heritage, independence and overall progress. We visit seven of Mumbai’s wonders while exploring the capabilities of a remarkable car whose strength, like the sundry marvel of a metropolis itself, lies in its ability to adapt to modern times while maintaining high-valued customary traditions – the Volkswagen Ameo TDI automatic DSG.

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus railway station
Built by the British in 1887, the UNESCO heritage site captures your attention with the sheer grandeur of its detailing — the elaborate flora and fauna on every pillar, the cathedral-like arches strewn with gargoyles, it’s all quite a sight. But there’s more to it than just grand looks. The station, which lies in the heart of South Mumbai, is a central hub of sorts for travellers across India, linking the city to the rest of the country by the most economical mode of transport – the railways. The Ameo does share some similarities with this iconic structure. There’s more to it than just stylish, suave looks.

1.5-litre TDI
There’s a strong sense of functionality to the Volkswagen as well. Boasting roomy interiors, a spacious 330 litre boot and equipped with a powerful 108bhp and 250Nm producing 1.5-litre diesel motor, the Ameo is the most powerful sedan of its kind, while also being the most frugal, returning over 21kpl on the trot. Very European, yet very Indian at heart.

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Haji Ali Dargah
The Haji Ali Dargah is a tomb located off the coast of Worli in the southern part of Mumbai. People visit the dargah just to walk the short distance to the venue with the sea on both sides. Accessibility to this dargah is very much dependent on the tides as the path leading to it is not bound by railings. With the Ameo though, accessibility is never a problem, keeping you comfortable over short- or long-distance trips. With large doors that make ingress and egress easy for even the eldery, and generous, well-positioned seating accommodation for five people, your long-distance travels will never be a hassle.

Rear AC vent
There’s even a rear air-conditioning vent conveniently positioned between the front seats that ensures that your loved ones stay just as cool as you.

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Bandra-Worli sea link
An architectural gem of modern Mumbai, the Sea Link is much more than just the average bridge that reduces travel time between Bandra and Worli. It is an engineering marvel that showcases the victory of human endurance over nature’s obstacles. It’s the epitome of convenience and grandeur. It is a symbol of modernity and convenience.

Cruise Control
The Volkswagen Ameo comprises a feature that speaks in the same tone. Its cruise control function to be more precise. At the mere flick of a lever, you can be cruising down the highway taking in all the sights without a worry in the world. Rest assured, long drives will never be stressful again.

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Gateway of India
The Gateway of India remains an icon, seamlessly attached to the image of Mumbai. Flanked by the Taj Heritage Hotel on one side and the Arabian sea on the other, this architectural wonder which once served as the symbolic ceremonial entrance to India for British viceroys, is arguably the city’s top tourist attraction.

7-speed DSG

As the Gateway of India is to Mumbai, the seven-speed DSG with Sport mode is the most attractive highlight of the Ameo TDI. It gives you the stress-relieving advantage of not having to work the clutch and gearlever when in traffic, with seamless shifting to top it off. Care to feel the rush by driving a little more briskly? Well, this is one of the most reponsive automatic gearboxes around and the engine-gearbox combination will never, ever disappoint.

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Times of India building
This is the head office of the third-largest newspaper in India by circulation, the Times of India. This is the oldest English-language newspaper still in circulation in the country.

Reverse Camera
Just as the newspaper provides insight into the world that surrounds you, the Ameo TDI DSG gives you clear vision of not just what lies ahead through its sizeable windows and generous adjustable seating, but behind you as well, by means of a dynamic rear-view camera and parking sensors. The multi-functional touchscreen infotainment display turns into a reverse camera that tells you how to quickly and safely manoeuvre the car into a tight parking spot.

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Marine Drive
Marine Drive is also known as the Queen’s Necklace because, if viewed at night from an elevated point anywhere along that stretch of road, the street lights resemble a string of pearls.

The stretch of road is always riddled with activity. It’s got a jogger’s promenade that runs along the entire stretch, and it’s got the tourist hotspot Chowpatty beach on one end – famed for the delicious Bhel Puri being sold from colourful containers. 

Rain-sensing wipers

You’ve always got to keep your eyes peeled on this road because someone’s bound to cross unexpectedly. Thankfully, the Ameo lets you have a clear view of the road ahead. The sedan features intelligent rain sensors that automatically activates the wipers in case of a sudden downpour.

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Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount
More commonly known as Mount Mary Church, this Roman Catholic Basilica located in the town of Bandra attracts people from all faiths who pray to the Virgin Mary for expressing their gratitude or requesting favours. Many of the faithful attest to the miraculous powers of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Making your way to the church can be quite bothersome, with stop-go traffic slowing you down all the way up there.

Hill assist
Thankfully, the Ameo TDI comes equipped with features such as ABS, ESP, to detect and reduce loss of traction, and Hill Hold which stops the car from rolling back on a slope.

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