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TopGear drives the Jaguar D-Type

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We pilot the priceless chassis no 1, the prototype of the car that won Le Mans three times…

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He nods to the E-Type too. Remember it was he who drove the first roadster to its sensational Geneva show debut in 1961. That car, registration 77 RW, is also in our convoy. He did it - Coventry to Geneva - in 11 hours including the ferry crossing. Just try that now.

But then he says his true favourite was the XJ13. This was the stillborn mid-engined V12 racer. They only built one, in 1966, and it was stymied by foot-shuffling management in the BMC merger, not to mention the arrival of the Ford GT40 as opposition. But, says Dewis, "It had the lowest drag coefficient of any car."

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