Car Specification

26 October 2010

Fiat Linea T-Jet

Everybody asked for a Linea with more power. Everybody gets a Linea with more power.

Sriram Narayanan
Car image

The first things you to notice in the new T-Jet are the new 16-inch alloys, leather seats, and dual-tone interiors with the attractive matte-finished plastics. And of course, the new engine.

This is an all-new engine, not the same old 1.4 petrol with a turbo-charger. Not the 1.4 with a revised ECU. Oh, and it develops 113bhp. The extra horses make their presence felt as you approach 2000rpm. Where this new engine suffers is in refinement. Pass 4000rpm and things start getting noisy.

We never had a big issue with the 90bhp 1.4 Linea. It isn’t hair-raisingly fast on straights, but it has brilliant handling and keen driver feedback. What the Linea needs is better gear-shifting. A slick, quick-moving stick can do wonders if you’re an enthusiastic driver.

In all the Linea T-Jet’s a quick, luxurious and well-equipped car. Now, if only Fiat would attend to that gearbox...


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