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01 May 2013

Driven: Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar lays bare what it says is the best thing they have made since the E-Type. Sriram Narayanan takes a quick drive of the latest Jag in Spain...

Sriram Narayanan
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So folks. It is here. The Jaguar F-Type is here. The successor to the E-Type that took nearly half a century to come, is here. I will skip the dramatics here. Because the engine and exhaust offer enough on their own.

The base V6 is a 3-litre supercharged petrol doling out 340bhp and 450Nm. And in the roads in Northern Spain, the F-Type sounds refreshing in an era where everybody is slapping on a 4-cylinder with turbos in their sportscars. So if you are a stickler for exhaust and engine notes, hisses and gasps surrounding your ears every time you floor the throttle, the F-Type has plenty of it. And this is just the base V6. Trust me, even in this configuration, the F-Type can get you into serious trouble with the neighbours and cops. But then, this version won’t come to India.

What we will get is the V6 S and the V8 S. The V6S used the same engine as the V6, but is tuned to make 40bhp and 10Nm more. Sure it is faster. But what the V6 S will also get as standard over the V6 is a Dynamic mode, a limited slip differential and an adaptive suspension that will allow you to alter the dynamics of the ride, steering and the gear-shifts.

How are the cars? The V6, like I said, is seriously fast for Spain’s speed-restricted roads. And the V6S on the Navarra Circuit lets you do some insane speeds and you can tune into all the burbles and roars from the powerhouse in the front even better. So as sportscars these two F-Types are incredibly fast, and fun to listen to. But in terms of precision and balance there are still some weak spots. The steering could do with more feel, and when you push the car really hard, you will feel some roll.

So while the V6 is way more powerful than the Porsche Boxster and the V6 S makes more horses than the Nissan 370Z, from memory, I’d say the Porsche and the Nissan are a couple of notches above the F-Type when it comes to precision and balance.

How do you think the top-of-the-line V8 S with the 5-litre supercharged V8 making 495bhp is going to be? Well, hang in there.

Rating: 7/10

Jaguar F-Type V6 (not entering India)
340bhp, 450Nm, 0-100 5.3 seconds, 260kph top speed (limited), 8A transmission

Jaguar F-Type V6 S
380bhp, 460Nm, 0-100: 4.8 seconds, 274kph top speed (limited), 8A transmission

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