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26 April 2012

Driven: Lamborghini Aventador in Mumbai

We take it through open roads, traffic, shopping and even a school run

Sriram Narayanan
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Now, you can’t do much with 300 words, but understand this. We had an Aventador for a couple of days, and so we went shopping with it, dropped a kid to school, delivered pizza to somebody pining for some authentic Italian fare and also impressed some cynical oldies. You can read more about that in the May issue of TopGear India magazine, but for now, here’s how the Aventador treats you.

The scissor doors may look dramatic, but are the most practical doors you could have for a sportscar. Open, insert left foot in and your whole body will follow nicely on to the seat. And in a crowded car park, your Lambo’s door will not hit the car parked parallel to yours. So, you get in, flip open the cover that protects the starter button and the resulting sound will put a big lump in your throat.

They say, the Aventador is one of the easiest V12 Lamborghini to live with. I don’t know. Because at slow speeds, the car sends every groove on the road straight to your spine. And in stop and go traffic, the car behaves like a kid in a supermarket that doesn’t have a toy section. Of course, the car looks great and all that, but the only thing the car is properly comfortable doing is insane speeds.

The car feels edgy at 40kph. At 140kph, it is just about satisfied. At 240, the car is figuratively yelping out in delight and leaping in the air. All the edginess, all that bobbing about over the road’s inconsistent surface, all that discomfort disappears with the same effortlessness as 97 octane of fossil fuel in this car’s fuel tank gets converted into noise and vapour through the exhaust.

At all other times, the Aventador is very striking, and even violent art with wheels and an engine. It’s a car that stops life around it in a way even a topless Bollywood actress won’t be able to. Oh, and you can do the school run and go shopping in it. But do it only if your Bentley has gone for a service or your Rolls-Royce has an airport run.


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