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23 August 2012

First Drive: Renault Scala

We get a first taste of the mysterious Renault Scala

Girish Karkera
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As we had reported earlier, Renault Scala is the new entry-level midsize sedan from Renault. And just as we've seen with the smaller hatch – Pulse, this car is also based on the same Nissan Sunny platform. We just had a chance to get some hands-on time with the car so this is our first impression...

Scala's footprint is identical to its Japanese cousin. Silhouette is similar to the Sunny, but there are some obvious differences in the front and rear end – The front now has the similar Renault Pulse type pentagonal bumper with smoked headlamps, while the rear is more swoopy and looks elegant. Interiors are similar to the Sunny but there is a nice-looking leather trim for the top diesel variant.

On-road, the Scala has a pliant ride and makes for a comfortable place to be in. Steering feels light and it prefers to be driven in a straightline. The seats are comfortable and the air conditioner is very powerful, with blowers provided for rear passengers.

There will be two engine variants - a 98bhp petrol and an 85bhp diesel with claimed fuel efficiency figures of 16.9 and 21.6kpl, respectively. Expect prices to start at Rs 6.5 lakh onwards for the base petrol going upwards to 9 lakh for the top of the line diesel. There will also be a automatic petrol version eventually.

We'll have more information for you in the coming days along with a full review, till then, let us know what you think so far in the comments below.

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