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14 June 2013

First ride: Vespa VX 125

Vespa has launched a new variant in the form of the VX, which gets a front disc brake. We take it out for a spin

Abhinav Mishra
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By now, you might be familiar with the Vespa brand, whether you are into bikes or not. And though Vespa is not setting sales charts on fire with this scooter, Piaggio, the company that owns Vespa, seems to be pretty happy with the customer response.

It was a year back when Vespa launched the LX 125, which created a premium category in the scooter market. Back then as well, we were surprised (not in a good way) that though Piaggio charged a premium for the Vespa, it did not come with features like a front disc brake.

It seems we were not the only ones who thought so; even the customer feedback was pretty similar. So, a year down the line, Piaggio will now offer a new variant of the Vespa – the VX 125. It comes with a 200mm front disc brake, a freshened-up instrument binnacle, MRF Zapper tyres, an optional beige seat, and an elongated pillion chrome grab rail.

There are two new colour on offer too – pink and green. Sadly, they come at the cost of the black and maroon colours that have been phased out due to lack of demand. Obviously, by now, every petrolhead might be itching to ask the power question.

Well, the short answer is… there's no real surprise here. The 125cc motor still makes 10bhp and 10.6Nm of torque. That means it's good enough to putter around town as well as do highway speeds of 60-70kph. This is reasonable performance to expect from a scooter, though we would have liked it if the throttle response was a bit sharper. This was especially felt while moving away from a red light, where the surge of acceleration was lacking.

The new MRF Zapper tyers feel grippier than before, and you notice a difference when you slam on those brakes. The Vespa comes to a standstill without any fuss or drama.  Apart from these few changes, the scooter looks and feels exactly like the LX variant.

Prices for the VX haven't yet been announced, but expect them to be a tad bit higher than the LX when the scooter is launched on the 20th of this month.

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