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22 February 2011

Honda Accord

A rejuvenated Accord is back for its second innings

Girish Karkera
Car image

Honda, in a bid to enthuse some fresh interest in its mighty Accord, has revealed a slightly updated version. The updates are more cosmetic but have been done with the only intention of giving more value to its buyers.

Typically for a car in its class, there’s more chrome now on the front grille, at the rear. If you miss that then there is a slightly redesigned front bumper for a less limo and more sporty look. It gives the car a more squat stance when viewed from the front but you will need the old and new cars next to each other to spot the difference.

The easiest way to distinguish the outgoing and new Accord would be turn indicators on the door mirrors.

On the inside the Accord remains quite plush and spacious. Just like the typical chrome additions, wood inserts now adorn the cabin as well. Thankfully, it still looks elegant and well done. The music system has been upgraded with a more modern fascia. Strangely, the steering wheel still doesn’t get stereo controls, which is a strict no-no for a car this price.

Overall the Accord remains as endearing as it was before. Those sold on buying a Japanese ‘limo’ can now look for a more satisfying time being chauffeured around. But treat this ‘new’ Accord as an updated version and you won’t be disappointed driving it out of the showroom.

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