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04 February 2011

Maruti Suzuki Kizashi

A feature-packed D-segment car from Maruti Suzuki make a good first impression

Abhinav Mishra
Car image

Maruti Suzuki has a car for just about every occasion for your rise through the rigours of the corporate world till you get to about the SX4 and hit a plateau from where you are pretty much forced to leap into someone else’s arms. To make life a tad easier for the loyalists, Maruti has finally decided to expand its horizons beyond the small car boundaries with their brand new take on a luxurious entry-level sedan, the Kizashi.

Rambling of the numbers is pretty impressive with the Kizashi scoring better on every count as compared to the Civics and Corollas of the world. A 2.4-litre petrol engine, producing 176bhp, ensures that the Kizashi has the go to match the size. Add to that the fact that you can choose from a smooth 6-speed manual ‘box or opt for the convenience of an auto ‘box. The Kizashi manages pretty good ride quality despite the large 17-inch alloys and handling isn’t bad either.

Interiors are pretty straight forward with everything that you’d expect from a car at this end although space isn’t as abundant for the rear seat passengers as you’d expect, especially considering the fact that it’s larger than most cars in the segment. However, where the Kizashi excels is with the number of safety features the car packs in. You get everything from ABS, ESP to six-airbags to keep you out of harms way.

At the outset, the Kizashi seems like a package difficult to match, let alone beat. In the ideal world the Civics and the Corollas would shiver with fear at the sound of one, but then came the bit which took the game away from Maruti. They announced that the Kizashi would be a fully built import which would retail at a rather astonishing 17.12 lakh (for the manual) and 18.16 lakh (for the auto), ex-showroom Mumbai, pushing it well past the Civic region and perilously close to the Accord and Superb territory. Another good car which may have just spoiled its own party.

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