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Review: Ford Figo S

Driven April 2017

Review: Ford Figo S

What's it like? More power, track-tuned suspension, and a dual-clutch gearbox?
We wish. But unfortunately, none of that tech has made it to the Figo S.

Then what's it like?
The power and the torque output remains to be the same as the regular Figo, but the S has bigger 15-inch wheels and slightly retuned suspension to accommodate the bigger wheels. Ford says that the engineers have stiffened the suspension. But a drive reveals that the change is only very minor.

Bigger wheels? Why would Ford do that?
They say that some of its customers demanded 15-inch wheels, and according to them, it makes the Figo a bit more sporty.

What's the powertrain like?
It has a petrol engine on offer, but the one we drove was the diesel. It has four cylinders and displaces 1.5-litre of volume. And with the help of a turbo, it generates 99bhp and 215Nm of torque.

Whoa! That's almost hothatch like specs...
Yeah, if you were to compare the Figo diesel S to either the Baleno RS or the Polo GT TSI, there's no reason for it to be worried. It makes almost the same amount of power and much more torque than its rivals. But the fly in the ointment is that it is almost 150kg heavier than the Baleno and hence loses out on offering that quick acceleration that the RS offers.

How's the engine refinement and the gearbox?
There's not much vibration from the oil-burner, but the clatter is heard loud and clear inside the cabin. And even more so if you are pushing the engine at high revs. The gearbox is a slick five-speed manual one. It has short throws and the right sort of ratios to handle city traffic as well as highway speeds. The engine generates its max torque at as low as 1750rpm and stays that way till 3000rpm, enabling fewer gear shifts.

How's it to drive?
Not much different than the standard Figo. And that can't be a bad thing. It's got its driving dynamics right and steering feel isn't vague like most of the other hatchbacks. There's a fair bit of roll and pitch despite slight stiffening to the springs, but overall as a package, it's one of best hatchbacks around. The ride too is nice and absorbs most of the road irregularities.

What's different in the S cosmetically?
Ford has spent a considerable amount of time in making the S look different than the regular Figo. It's got a dual-tone colour scheme, black ORVMs and side decals. And that's not all, it's also got black alloys, a spoiler and a new honeycomb grille.

Wow, that's a long list. What about the cabin?
Well, there's not much change in the cabin. But on the brighter side, the dashboard is well laid out and is all-black to make it look sporty. The S is based on the Titanium trim, that sees a miss to touchscreen infotainment system, reverse cam and sensors. But it's got Bluetooth connectivity, auto AC and height adjusting driver's seat.

How much does Ford ask for all these additions?
The 1.2 petrol will be yours for Rs 6.32 lakh. While the 1.5 diesel retails for Rs 7.21 lakh. Both ex-showroom, Delhi.

Is it a fun package as well as value for money at the same time?
Considering it runs on cheaper fuel, the running costs are going to be lesser compared to its petrol rivals. But despite having equivalent specs, the Figo S doesn't feel too peppy and agile. You can't really call this a sporty hatchback.

1498cc, 4cyl, turbo diesel, 99bhp, 215Nm, LxWxH: 3995x1695x1525mm, ground clearance: 174mm

Most of the changes are cosmetic, with very little changed mechanically. It's a capable hatchback with ample space in the cabin and sorted driving dynamics.

Agasti Kaulgi

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