2017 VW Ameo Cup: Round 1

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The 2017 Ameo Cup, part of the MRF MMSC FMSCI Indian National Racing Championship this year, got off to an exciting start with a thrilling first round at the Kari Motor Speedway.

It was a mix of experienced and rookie racers on the 18-car grid with the new super track-specced Ameos. Karminder Singh from Delhi had brilliant pace all weekend with the fastest laps in practice and then qualified on pole. The top four qualifiers who completed  within one second of Karminder were A. Sandeep Kumar, VW rookie Dhruv Mohite and Jeet Jhabhak.

In the first race of the round, Karminder had a very clean race, leading from start to finish. Behind him Sandeep was right behind him from the opening lap but couldn't quite close the gap and had to settle for second. Dhruv meanwhile had a disastrous start to his first race, an accident on the first corner of the first lap send him down the order, but he did manage to fight his way back up to finish in P5. Race 1 even saw the safety car make an appearance after one of the Ameo Cup racers got his car stuck in sandbank. The last spot on the podium went to a surprised Aditya Pawar. The podium finish came as a result of the two drivers ahead of him, Jeet Jhabhak and Donovan Vaz being penalised for overtaking a backmarker behind the safety car.

The second race had the top four finishers of the first race in reverse starting grid order, giving pole position to Tauhid Anwar. As a result of receiving penalties in Race 1, Donovan and Jeet started from P11 and P12 on the grid. Sandeep a got off to a brilliant start, taking the lead into the first corner, with Karminder right on his tail. Dhruv had tucked in behind them while Jeet and Donovan squeezed their way up the order by the first corner.

Lap after lap, Karminder was keeping the pressure on Sandeep, but the Chennai-based racer responded with consistency and brilliant defensive driving. Keeping up with them but distancing himself from the battle, was Dhruv Mohite. The Maharashtra-born racer stayed on pace, waiting for an opening to get past the pair. An exciting and entertaining game of cat and mouse around the tight Kari circuit ensued and fifteen laps of close racing later, the top three crossed the finish line in that order with barely a second between them.

In the post race conference, Dhruv did comment that the result was a calculated one on his part – him keeping pace with the leaders and not taking unnecessary risks. Sandeep does have the advantage of racing on home turf at the next round in Chennai but with the new cars, it's yet to be seen just how much of a difference it will make.

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