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20 December 2016

Amittrajit Ghosh and Ashwin Naik are K1000 champs

Team Mahindra Adventure driver chalks up second win in India’s oldest rally series

Christopher Chaves
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Amittrajit Ghosh and Ashwin Naik pulled out all the stops to win the season finale of the 2016 Indian National Rally Championship, in Bangalore. The Team Mahindra Adventure driver clinched victory at the coveted, MRF K1000 Rally 2016, now in its 42nd year, with an overall time of 51:40.2s.

The win marked the second podium for the Kolkata-based driver post winning the MRF Rally of Coimbatore back in July this year. Commenting on the victory, Amittrajit said, “Feels very nice to end the season with a win and having the most number of wins this season. We will come back better and stronger in 2017.”

The first runner up and the second runner up of the MRF 42nd K1000 Rally 2016 were Phalguna V and Rahul Kanthraj with an overall time of 53:38.1s and 54:30.5s respectively.

Gosh’s Mahindra Adventure teammate Gaurav Gill wasn’t able to complete the rally when he had driveshaft failure in SS1, while Arjun Rao also failed to finish the event while running third citing issues with his gearbox.

Abhilash PG and Srikant Gowda took overall honors in the MRF FMSCI Indian Rally Championship (IRC), run concurrently with the INRC, completing the event in a total time of 54:31.4s, 04:57.0s ahead of Mohammed Kasim A.A and Sanath G. Ritesh.M.Guttedar and Sheraz Ahmed completed the course third with a time of 01:00:00.9s.

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