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23 March 2014

Ben Horne on pole for Tata T1 Prima truck sprint race

Horne to start from first place during the five-lap sprint race

Christopher Chaves
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After a 15-minute qualifying session at the BIC, it's Ben Horne, who was quickest in his Dealer Warriors team truck followed by Tata Technologies Motorsports driver David Jenkins and 2013 BTRA (British Truck Racing Association) Champion and Cummins truck driver Mathew Summerfield.

There are two races that will take place later today - the first of which is a 5-lap sprint race followed by the main 15-lap race later on. Both will flag-off from rolling starts. The qualifying result solely dictates the lineup for the sprint race. Later on, in the main race, the grid will line up based on the results of the sprint race. Tata Motors also threw in a wild card entry in the form of Steve Horne. So now there'll be a total of 13 trucks fighting for top honours.

With 13 trucks and 26 sets of tyres some drivers, like Mat Summerfield, chose to do their qualifying runs for the sprint race their old set, saving the new set of rubber for both races. But will strategy this actually pay-off? There's just one way to find out now...

Provisional Qualifying result - T1 Prima Truck (Sprint Track)

Track Length : 2500mtrs

Driver      Team           Time
1. Ben Horne    - Dealer Warriors       - 1:58.574
2. David Jenkins    Tata Technologies Motorsport    1:58.782
3.Mathew Summerfield - Cummins           - 1:59.839
4. Steve Horne   Tata Motors               1:59.882
5.Stuart Oliver - Castrol Vecton     -     2:00.107
6. Graham Powell   Dealer Daredevils          2:00.141
7. Steve Thomas - Dealer Daredevils         - 2:00.253
8. Simon Reid   Cummins                         2:00.396
9. David Ball   - Castrol Vecton               - 2:00.561
10. Richard Collett    Allied Partners             2:01.121
11. Brian Burt    - Tata Technologies Motorsport - 2:01.172
12. Paul McCuminsky     Allied Partners              2:01.468
13. Steven Powell.         - Dealer Warriors.     - 2:02.071

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