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Posted by topgear at 08:59 am on Monday November 27, 2017

It’s a little different for me going in to Hong Kong this year. The last time, I was new to the team, I was focused on learning all the numbers and buttons and all the new things with Formula E and I really had nothing else in mind except to get the job done and see what happened.

Now, with one year of experience under my belt, the expectations are different both for me and for the team. I feel like I have a much clearer place in the team. I’ve had a chance to get to know all the guys, especially the engineers. We have been able to spend time during the simulation sessions at the factory, the testing at Valencia, go out to dinner, talk about other things and get to know each other. Last year, I got thrown in at the very last minute and met up with people when things were very busy. So, now it’s been meeting during calmer times, more time for me at the factory across the winter; the vibe at the work place is really great. I have always said that the strength of this team is definitely the connection that everybody shares, and in that sense, I feel that we are stronger than the competition.

With one whole season behind me, I feel that I am a more complete driver, which is the main thing. The car is what the car is, and we’re going to see it for the first time in a truly representative environment. The team has been working really hard, and I do feel that we have progressed in areas that we struggled with last year. You don’t want to go into the first race with very high expectations, and waste time on predicting what’s going to happen. So maybe after Hong Kong that’s when you can really decide on which direction you want to go in. For now, you do the best you can and whether you start from P1 or P10, you just work as hard as you can from there.


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