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21 March 2014

F1 2013 vs F1 2014: noise off

Fan creates video comparing 2013/2014 engine sounds. Time to stick those ear defenders on eBay

Vijay Pattni
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Formula One's new turbo era has claimed one unlikely new victim: manufacturers of ear defenders.

If you're a fan of F1, it can't have escaped your attention that this year's grid is considerably... quieter than last year's. That's thanks to the new regulations insisting on 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines with rev limits of 15,000rpm; last year they were running naturally aspirated 2.4-litre V8s that screamed to about 18,000rpm.

In fact, such was the noise reduction at this year's season opener at Melbourne Park, even Australian Grand Prix Corporation CEO Andrew Westacott said the race was ‘duller'. At last year's race, we had no idea what Andrew Westacott said, as you couldn't hear him over the sound of the cars.

Yes, for the first time in many years, you can actually hear the F1 crowd and the tyre squeals and, well, all the other stuff that doesn't sound as exciting as bellowing race engines.

A handy time, then, to show you this video, created by an F1 fan, showcasing a) the abundance of ear defenders in 2013, and b) the lack of ear defenders in 2014. A fashion choice? We think not.

What's your take on F1's Brave New World Of No Noise And Much Turbo Power?

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