Gaurav Gill and C S Santosh to race on water too

Posted by topgear at 09:28 am on Thursday February 16, 2017


APRC Champion Gaurav Gill and supercross and rally-raid champion, two-time Dakar Rally finisher C S Santosh will be piloting powerboats in the Nexa P1 Powerboat, Indian Grand Prix of the Seas which is to be held over March 3-5, in Mumbai.

Both champion racers underwent extensive training in Powerboat racing in the UK under Neil Holmes, seven-time World Champion and three-time World Speed Record holder. They will be competing among 6 world-class teams comprising of two boats each, featuring 26 pilots and navigators. Both racers are looking forward to extending their racing prowess, while the learning curve would be higher for Santosh who is not used to having someone else navigate for him. Gill on the other hand was quoted saying “I believe my experience with navigating in pressure situations will make me a strong contender on the weekend.”

The event is being organised by P1 Global, a leading maritime motorsports brand in partnership with Indian sports management company Procam International. Together they are reported to have created a format and ranking system where in five years the Grand Prix of the Seas (World Championship Series) will be organised in 12 cities around the world, including five in India itself.

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