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28 October 2012

Indian Grand Prix: post-race discussion

Vettel does an encore, Alonso finishes 2nd post some brilliant driving

Matthew Jones
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We think we’re right in thinking Lewis Hamilton can still win the world championship if he wins all the last three races and Sebastian Vettel doesn’t score. At all. Lewis would then have six races wins to Seb’s five. Lewis wins.

Jeah! Ain’t going to happen, is it? There is only one world champion this year. It’s the same as last year’s, same as the year before. Fernando Alonso might have driven his off this morning to limit the damage, but second was the best he, and we, could hope for. Seb now leads by 13 points. At this rate the good folks of Austin Texas will have a new world champion to crown come 18 November.

Red Bull haven’t so much won this one as been gifted it by McLaren, neither of whose drivers can win now (well, yes, mathematically Lewis, but like we say, “jeah”) and who could possibly be beaten by Ferrari in the constructor’s championship too now, as the re-animated Felipe Massa continues to score points like he did today with a fifth place some 30 secs behind the “A-team” car of Alonso.

TopGear remembered to put its clock back and took breakfast with Martin Brundle who was kind of adamant that this was another race in which McLaren has let itself down with the type of tiny technical error it’s made all season long. The cog the team had selected for the gearbox’s seventh slot just wasn’t long enough, so Lewis and JB bounced off the rev limiter along the second half of the back straight while others simply didn’t. Fernando Alonso especially, and especially on the opening lap when he drafted and then drilled Macs in what looked like the move of the season.

After what we’ve thought have been a couple of iffy races for Lewis, he looked like he meant it today at least and chased Mark Webber’s KERSless RB8 all the way to the line for the third podium slot. Jenson Button however had another one of those afternoons in fifth. After this year, we really worry about McLaren in 2013 without a superstar on board.

Top six then; VET, ALO, WEB, HAM, BUT, MAS. After that Kimi Raikkonen dragged the Lotus home sevenths some 45secs down the road and another familiar whine about how getting it wrong in qualifying had cost Lotus a podium. Don’t get us wrong, Kimi’s comeback has been impressive. He is still third in the championship which is astonishing considering he’s a) not driving for Red Bull nor b) Fernando Alonso.

Hulkenberg, Grosjean and Senna filled out the top ten, Senna looking especially racey today. Seems a crying shame that he’s most likely not going to be in that seat next season. Maldonado may be rich and fast, but he’s more clumsy than Senna and proved it again today.

So with the title as good as won, we’re concentrating on little things from now on, like Bruno ending the season with more points than Maldonado — there’s only seven in it now. Let us know what you want to happen in Abu Dhabi, Austin and the Autodromo Carlos Pace. Lewis winning all three excluded.

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