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16 November 2013

Lewis hearts Jacko

Mercedes man Hamilton reveals tribute to Michael Jackson on his lid for the US Grand Prix

Rowan Horncastle
Car image

Having previously sported an image of Bob Marley on his helmet, Lewis Hamilton has gone one weirder for this weekend’s Austin GP.

The Merc man’s lid shall carry a tribute to the moonwalking, baby-dangling King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

Ham’s unique helmet design was revealed on his Twitter account. Sadly it isn’t Black or White, but a mixture of red and yellow, incorporating a portrait of Jacko on top, with his Smooth Criminal dance move illustrated on the side.

We’re assured the 28-year-old one-time world champ will wear the lid even if there Ain’t No Sunshine in Texas. Mainly because FIA safety regulations dictate he must.

Lewis will be hoping the new design will help him Beat It: It, in this case, being that pesky Seb Vettel, who Hamilton pipped to victory at the Circuit Of The Americas last year but is looking odds-on for an EIGHTH consecutive victory this weekend.

What do you make of Hamilton’s lid? Bad? Or, er, really, really bad?

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