Mahindra bids goodbye to Moto3

Posted by Amaan Ahmed at 17:57 pm on Sunday June 25, 2017

Today is exactly a year to the day a Mahindra won for the very first time in Moto3. Some coincidence, then, that it is today that Mahindra chose to announce its decision to draw the curtains on its motorcycle grand prix endeavours.

Yep, you read that right. At the end of the 2017 season, Mahindra will quit Moto3 altogether. The reason? Primarily Mahindra's success in Formula E, but there's more to this decision than that.

You see, Mahindra's burning ambition of achieving super-stardom in the two-wheeler universe has been more or less doused. While Mahindra continues to pile on the numbers as a carmaker, its two-wheeler division has struggled to produce anything meaningful. With the exception of the Mojo -- a few derivatives are on their way -- and the resurrection of the Jawa brand, Mahindra likely doesn't want anything to do with motorcycles anymore. It makes little sense to build a name for yourself in a space you don't intend to play in. Since Mahindra is already in Formula E (and doing really well), it has substantial presence in motorsport, so that's taken care of. Left with no reason to keep the motorcycle racing division afloat, Mahindra has pulled the plug on its Moto3 project.

Mahindra's journey in the grand prix world started in 2011, when it joined the 125cc class, which later evolved into the Moto3 class. In 2015, Mahindra decided to pull out as a team, and continue as a constructor, in a season in which it was represented by a total of nine bikes. The MGP3O's first win came last year, at Assen, and it went on to win two more races in 2016. But things have gone downhill this season. With two talented riders, Francesco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin, leaving the ranks, Mahindra has notched up a grand total of 6 points in 2017 constructor's championship. The way things are at the moment, it looks like the MGP3O's win count will stay at 3.

Mahindra's exit from Moto3 means Honda and KTM are likely to be the only manufacturers in the division for 2018. What happens to the three teams running Mahindra machinery -- Aspar, CIP and Peugeot Saxoprint -- remains to be seen.

While we agree with the logic behind the move, we can't help but feel a bit sad knowing there will be no plucky Mahindra dicing it out with the best KTM and Honda have to offer. It was good while it lasted, though. Mostly.

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