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06 March 2014

Polaris opens new off-road track in Haryana

Polaris' new Experience Zone, the 20th of its kind in India, will offer a range of ATVs to be ridden over the rough stuff
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Polaris India has inaugurated its new off-road track, labelled the 'Polaris Experience Zone' in Dharuhera, Haryana. The idea, which is already in place in 19 other locations across India, is to let off-road enthusiasts experience Polaris' many ATVs in their element. The off-road trail, situated 69kms away from Delhi on the Delhi-Jaipur Highway is called the "Pickup Fun Zone" and is also home to an adventure theme park, as well as a restaurant.

Spanning a sizeable area, the off-road trail at the Pickup Fun Zone is littered with slush pits, humps, sand and stones to provide the full off-road experience. A ride in one of Polaris' single-seater ATVs will cost Rs 350, while a double-seat ATV ride will cost you Rs 500.

Speaking on the launch Mr Pankaj Dubey, Managing Director, Polaris India Pvt Ltd., said, “Off-roading experience is gaining traction in India. We are witnessing a positive trend towards adventure sports in India. Dharuhera is a strategic location for us as it is a part of the Delhi-NCR region and is on the Delhi- Jaipur High way. We foresee huge interest and growth prospects in Polaris Experience Zone and plan to introduce more off-road tracks in other locations all over the country. With such PEZ adventure lovers can now experience the real off-road thrill.”

Polaris will offer a total of 10 ATVs at this track, which include the Phoenix 200, Sportsman Touring 500 H.O, Sportsman 90, Trail Boss 330 and the RZR S 800.

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