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15 August 2014

This is the 707bhp SRT Charger Hellcat

Dodge's tuning wing unveils the fastest and most powerful production four-door in the world. Run for the hills

Rowan Horncastle
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The power-crazed boffins at Dodge's SRT tuning division have meted out the Hellcat treatment to the four-door Charger. So that's the same supercharged 6.2-litre, 707bhp, 760Nm HEMI V8 as seen on the Challenger Hellcat, stuffed into a car normally reserved for taxi drivers and policemen.

We know you want the numbers. 0-96kph? 3.7 seconds. Top speed? 328kph. That makes it the fastest and most powerful production four-door in the world.

To give you some perspective, that headline figure of 707bhp eclipses the Lamborghini Aventador's 691bhp, and is some 150bhp more than any of the BMW M5, Mercedes E63 and Audi RS7 can muster. Fear this.

To help the Charger Hellcat breathe, a Viper-esque bonnet has been fitted as well as a new chin spoiler and bigger grille. Which, when in white, makes it look slightly Stormtrooper-ish... in a good way.

To make sure the Charger stays at least slightly on the road, SRT has upgraded the suspension, bolted on the biggest brakes they've ever fitted and wrapped big 20-inch, lightweight forged-aluminium wheels with sticky Pirelli tyres.

All the power's driven to the rears via an eight-speed auto ‘box, so burnouts will be a doddle. But to unlock the full potential of the supercharged HEMI you'll need to select the haloed red key fob. See, like the Challenger, you have to choose from two fob flavours: red (707bhp) and black (500bhp). We'll have the red one, ta. Every time.

But now there are two Hellcats in the world, don't you think there's room for one more? Dodge Dart Hellcat, anyone?

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