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02 June 2014

This mid-engined Hyundai Veloster is insane

Hyundai needs to build the 2.0-litre 296bhp Midship concept immediately

Matthew Jones
Car image

This Hyundai Veloster concept has a turbocharged 2.0-litre, 296bhp engine in the middle, it's called the Midship, and we demand that it's built this instant.

Because it is, essentially, a baby supercar. A bit like the Renaultsport Clio V6 and VW Golf GTI W12-650. There's lightweight alloy suspension, what looks to be a spaceframe chassis (though Hyundai UK couldn't tell us either way), and a carbonfibre bookshelf on the back.

It's also been built by the same bods that put the i20 World Rally Championship car together - another 296bhp looper (but with four-wheel drive and the engine in the front) that's been scoring WRC podium finishes this season. Pretty impressive considering it's the first time Hyundai's entered the WRC for ten years.

Trouble is, it's another one of those vapourware concept cars. A spokesperson told us that the Midship will "explore possibilities for the Veloster chassis and is currently not related to any future production model". Rubbish.

That said, while the words that follow the next comma are resolutely incorrect and based on nothing but blind optimism, we're certain that the South Korean manufacturer will build it if you tell them to in the comments section below.

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