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01 June 2014

VW Polo R Cup '14: B.Thomas wins Race 2

Eighth place finish in Race 1, victory in Race 2 - Bonnie Thomas' weekend gets better as he holds off an inspired run by AS Matharoo

Amaan Ahmed
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Thanks to a post-race penalty for Karminder Pal Singh, Angad Singh Matharoo finished first in Race 1. Today, he started the race in eighth place.

That's the way the reverse-grid qualifying system works. Yesterday's eighth-placed driver would start from pole, with yesterday's winner starting eighth. Which meant while Matharoo lined up several rows behind the start line, Bonnie Thomas took pole position.

The first half of the race saw some fierce competition between Thomas and Anindith Reddy, before Amlandeep Bora spun out, causing  the yellow flags to be introduced. Once the safety car moved back into the pitlane after the track was cleared, the gap between Anindith and Thomas grew, as Matharoo charged up the field, first doing away with Ishaan Dodhiwala, and then going past Anindith. Thereafter, all eyes were transfixed on the battle up front.

Matharoo gave it everything he had - he cut down on the gap between him and Thomas, closing in on him in the corners, and on the penultimate lap, he almost, almost found a way past him on the main straight, but Thomas held his own, and took his first-ever Polo R Cup victory.

Anindith secured the final spot on the podium, with Karminder Pal Singh in fourth, and Karthik Tharani Singh - who started the race at the very back of the grid - in fifth.

After the race, Thomas said, "I just joined Volkswagen Polo R Cup to learn. This round has been tough, my fellow drivers have been really good, but starting on pole gave me the advantage. I tried my best to defend my position and maintain my lead. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my coach Rayomand Banajee and driver Aditya Patel for guiding me throughout this weekend. A special thanks to Volkswagen Motorsport Head Sirish for giving me a chance at this truly professional racing series."

That's that for Round 1, then. Matharoo leads the championship with 54 points, Thomas in second place with 43 points, and Anindith in third with 35.

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