2014 Delhi Auto Expo mobile app out now

Posted by topgear at 07:30 am on Sunday March 02, 2014

News time, folks! If you're looking forward to the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo so much so that you need to keep yourself updated about the minutest of details pertaining to it on the move, you can now have it all on your mobile phone.

The organisers of the Auto Expo have rolled out a mobile application that's got all that you need to know about the 12th edition of the Expo. The app will guide you through your favorite area / stall at the venue, and you can also browse through the site maps, list of participants, exhibits on display,  and entertainment shows, among other things.

The app is available free of charge. Android users can download it here, Blackberry users here, Apple users here and Windows Phone users here. And in case you need help getting started with the app, you can watch the video below.

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