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26 September 2013

Android gets free MapmyIndia navigation app

Sygic's Indian satnav app is now free on Android and works without an internet connection

Gagan Gupta
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We have been using MapmyIndia's satnavs for a while now, either through their standalone navigators or through the Sygic app on Android and iOS. And now they are available to all Android users free of charge.

Sygic India: GPS Navigation, previously offered at Rs 1,399, is now free on Google Play, removing a barrier to entry. The great part is that these maps are completely offline, which is a boon if you're driving to rural areas, especially the ones without a stable mobile data connection. Now Android users in India can access voice-guided GPS navigation and a robust set of tools to help them navigate to their desired destination without any dependency on mobile data.

Maps in the Sygic app are stored on the user’s phone instead of streamed from the Internet like most navigation apps, which means that Sygic users don’t have to worry about running up against their cellular data caps by using GPS navigation, or getting lost in an area with poor cell reception.

Get the Sygic India app now

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